fire smoke damage cleaning liverpoolFire cleaning is one of the specialist cleaning services offered by Nova Clean. Whatever the extent of the damage, our company is able to guarantee that the necessary protective measures are put in place quickly, and that the premises are restored quickly after a fire, in compliance with the required procedures and methodology. Our company offers smoke damage cleaning services in Liverpool and area.

Fires consume, but they don't just consume. Fire can leave all sorts of traces, smells and fumes that can be extremely toxic. The intervention of your specialist cleaning experts may therefore be necessary even in rooms that have not been directly affected by the fire.



cleaning after fire damage liverpoolMaintaining, cleaning and restoring premises requires specific equipment and compliance with precise procedures. Post-fire decontamination refers to the entire process of cleaning up damaged premises after a fire. Its aim is to erase or repair the damage observed. Soot is cleaned or stripped, burnt odours are eliminated and chlorinated fumes are decontaminated. After a fire, and with a view to stopping corrosion, it is also necessary to dry out the damaged building as quickly as possible.

Our specialist cleaning company can help to ensure that fire damage is dealt with quickly. We have the technical skills required to minimise the consequences of the fire and to implement the appropriate protection techniques depending on the extent of the damage.

Contact us for meticulous cleaning of walls, façades, roofs or furniture after a fire. We use the latest environmentally-friendly techniques for your post-fire cleaning.