Hoarding houses cleaning and disinfection in Liverpool

Hoarding houses can be a real danger to the health and well-being of its inhabitants. These homes are often full of chemicals, mould, germs and dust, which can cause respiratory illnesses and allergies. What's more, unhealthy homes can be the source of fires and other disasters.

hoarding disorder cleanup liverpoolHave you decided to call in a company specialising in extreme cleaning to clean your loved one's home? Here's how it all works. Nova Clean company offers hoarder cleaning services in Liverpool and disinfection of hoarding houses.

Sorting and clearing hoarding houses

The first step is to sort out all the important objects and documents, and this is no easy task! People with Alzheimer's syndrome keep useful papers and objects in the middle of the mountain of accumulated stuff. Sorting takes time, but it's a necessary step. After that, all that's left to do is load the skips with the rest of the belongings and go back and forth between the home and the waste centre.



hoarding disorder cleaning liverpoolHoarder cleaning and disinfection

Once the home has been emptied, it's time to clean and disinfect. Hoarder cleaning is not quite the same as conventional cleaning. It requires specific equipment and products to deal with extreme dirt (excrement, spoiled food, even dead animals). From floor to ceiling, the cleaning teams must leave no stone unturned. Since unhealthy living conditions are conducive to the development of bacteria, fungi and parasites, disinfectants are essential. Sometimes, walls and floors need to be restored, and pests need to be treated. And after several days of hard work, the results are there and the home is often unrecognisable.