Flood and water damage cleaning - restoration in Liverpool

Although water damage accounts for the vast majority of claims made to insurance companies (more than 8 out of 10 claims involve water), dealing with this type of claim is particularly tricky, and its scope can be wide-ranging. Nova Clean company provides flood damage restoration and water damage cleaning services in Liverpool.

water flood damage cleaning liverpoolTaking swift action to limit flood damage

For businesses and private homes alike, flooding causes damage of all kinds: buildings and all their component parts, furniture, household appliances and all other items that may come into contact with water deteriorate very quickly. Rust and corrosion attack metals, while mould and fungus can grow insidiously on wooden floors, walls and façades, in the absence of appropriate action. The effects of this biological contamination can be disastrous, given the effect of excessive humidity on respiratory infections, for example.



Nova Clean's involvement in cleaning up after water damage

cleaning after water flood damage liverpoolWhile there are a number of players involved in this type of incident, calling in a specialist cleaning company remains a top priority. It is vital to dry out the premises to limit losses and damage as quickly as possible. Nova Clean also disinfects basements after flooding.

Drying out a house after a flood is a trickier operation than it might seem. You can do it yourself for smaller-scale disasters. But if you want to work safely, save your property and limit the growth of fungus and mould, a qualified and accredited team like ours is the wisest choice. We choose products developed with respect for the environment, and you can count on the work being carried out with the utmost care for your health and safety.

Contact our cleaning team for information about our water damage cleaning services. You can also find out about our rates by getting in touch. Nova Clean will be happy to answer your call. You can also contact us online using the contact form provided.