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NOVA CLEAN: Home call-out mattress cleaning in Liverpool

When should you clean your mattress?

mattress cleaning liverpoolHave you recently rented out your home and found a stain on your mattress? Or maybe you are having problems sleeping due to allergies? Both of these problems can be solved by having a home mattress cleaning. Home mattress cleaning allows you to sleep on a bed free of bacteria, free of stains and free of mites! Mattresses are easy to clean, and their life can be extended by several years with our injection-extraction cleaning machines. 

What is our process?

  • We start with a thorough vacuuming
  • We then apply our professional stain removers on any stains
  • Then we do a manual brush of the mattress
  • We then use our injection-extraction machines to remove stains, bacteria, and mites

How to maintain your mattress yourself? 

  • Remember to use a mattress protector
  • Vacuum your mattress every time you change the sheets to remove dust, dead skin and other small particles
  • Flip your mattress every 6 months
  • Have NOVA CLEAN give it a clean when needed

We comprehensively clean all sides of your mattress. It is important to leave your mattress to dry in a room with a minimum 22° C for rapid drying. NOVA CLEAN is also available to clean fabric bed bases and fabric or leather headboards. We work with individuals and hotels in Liverpool!

NOVA CLEAN are available to you in Allerton & Hunts Cross, Anfield, Belle Vale, Central, Childwall, Church, Clubmoor, County, Cressington, Croxteth, Everton, Fazakerley, Greenbank, Kensington & Fairfield, Kirkdale, Knotty Ash, Mossley Hill, Norris Green, Old Swan, Picton, Princes Park, Riverside, St Michael's, Speke-Garston, Tuebrook & Stoneycroft, Warbreck, Wavertree, West Derby, Woolton and Yew Tree. 

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